Talabat UI/UX Concept


Talabat UI/UX Concept


Talabat (Delivery Hero)


Concept Project

Project Brief

Talabat is a behemoth in the region. It was acquired Delivery Hero in 2015 and has expanded ever since. The idea that Talabat has not had a major brand refresh or UX/UI overhaul has been alarming as their previous iterations of their UI & UX have not been the most pleasing of experiences. This project proposes a tweak on the brand by creating an icon to be placed next to the text based logo and overhaul it's UX & UI to a more friendly and easier to use experience

Project Brief

Scope of Work

  1. Improve the time to purchase by creating a simpler workflow
  2. Improve customer satisfaction by providing clearer user experience
  3. Using white space to ease the eye and provide more emphasis on actionable items/features

Project Details

Of course changing the UI/UX of a longstanding application is not easy, which is why it is important to assess the most important aspects to change; those being the problems users had with the old experience. My findings show that the main issues are:

  1. Lack of visual representation of the meals
  2. In store navigation required constant expanding, scrolling, and compressing in order to make orders of different types
  3. Clear explanation through onboarding was needed, and an expansion of services needed to be added (such as pick up, loyalty program, discovery by area, easier sign up methods, and more curated content)
  4. Displaying ratings for dishes, prices, and imagery all in one easy to view viewport
  5. Faster check out model and improved profile and help areas to serve customers better

The following screens attempt to solve all of the above issues:

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