I'm Ahmad Karmi.
A Digital Strategist
Based in Kuwait.

My mission is to revolutionize how you interact with your screens. My passion is transformation, innovation and product management.


Over a decade of experience


Digital Transformation & Strategic Consulting

I have served clients such as NBK Group, KFAS & AOU in this vertical.


Innovation & New Business Advisory

I have served clients such as ZAIN Group, URC & KISR in this vertical.


Product Management & Product Expertise

I am currently serving as the Product Manager of Learning Experience @ UULA

My Previous Clients


Who Am I?

I am a leading, self-driven strategist with a results-oriented approach, well-versed in marketing, technology, and finance. I excel in bridging the gap between these diverse realms. As a collaborative team player and mentor, my track record includes successfully leading and nurturing top innovators and consultants in the Middle East region and serving the top listed companies in Kuwait and beyond the region as a consultant and advisor.

My Favorite


ZAIN eSports


Completed Project

Talabat UI/UX Concept


Concept Project

NBK Automated Audit


Completed Project

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Explore a curated compilation of my personal thoughts and intellectual property. Please note that these words represent my individual perspective and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or thoughts of my current employer.

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Mastering Strategic Performance Indicators in Product Management

Learn how to master Strategic Performance Indicators (SPI) in product management. This guide covers essential metrics, including acquisition, retention, and user engagement, with a detailed case study on Netflix. Understand how to apply SPIs to drive product success and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.
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How to Integrate AI into Your GTM Strategy for Maximum Impact

Discover how integrating AI into your Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy can revolutionize your business. From personalizing customer interactions and streamlining the sales process to scaling engagement with AI chatbots and enhancing human-AI collaboration, this comprehensive guide provides actionable insights to help you stay ahead of the competition. Explore the full article to unlock the potential of AI in transforming your GTM strategy and driving revenue growth.
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Real-Time Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance: The Backbone of Smart City Operations

As cities expand, efficient infrastructure management is critical. Real-time monitoring and AI-powered predictive maintenance are revolutionizing urban management by using sensors to detect issues and AI to predict maintenance needs, ensuring proactive repairs. This approach saves costs, increases efficiency, extends infrastructure lifespan, and promotes sustainability. Cities like Barcelona, Singapore, and New York are leading the way with these technologies, making urban environments smarter and more resilient. The future of city management lies in adopting these advanced solutions for sustainable and efficient urban living.
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Leveraging the Fibonacci Sequence for Effective Project Estimation in Agile and Scrum

Dive into the world of Agile and Scrum methodologies to discover how the Fibonacci sequence revolutionizes project estimation. Learn to navigate complexities with improved accuracy, ease, and strategic prioritization. Explore the detailed steps of using this innovative approach, from educational basics through planning poker to expert consensus-building. Overcome common challenges and integrate this powerful tool to enhance your project management strategies. Ideal for professionals aiming to excel in product management and project management within fast-paced development environments.
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